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    • 14.07. Bergheider See, Feel Festival
    • 11.08. Drebkau, Wilde Möhre Festival
    • 23.08. Windelsbach, Eulenflug Festival
    • 24.08. Oyten, Moyn Moyn Festival
    • 30.08. Berlin, Mensch Meier
    • 27.04.2019 - Supermarket, Zürich - Switzerland
    • 23.02.2019 - Viraha - The Soul Party, Mexico City
    • 04.03.2019 - Radio Liveshow at Aire Libre.FM, Mexico City
    • 08.03.2019 - Amuleto, Toluca
    • 10.03.2019 - Habitas, Tulum
    • 22.03.2019 - Treehouse, Tulum
    • 18.01. 2019 - Wilde Renate "Elysian Fields Albumrelease Party", Berlin
    • 02.11.2018 - Übel & Gefährlich, Hamburg
    • 12.08.2018 - Wilde Möhre Festival
    • 16.08.2018 - MS Dockville, Hamburg
    • 24.08.2018 - MoynMoyn Festival, Oyten
    • 01.06.2018 - Zu einer Zeit in ... ,Gardelegen
    • 26.05.2018 - Oma Doris, Dortmund
    • 30.04.2018 - Übel & Gefährlich, Hamburg
    • 28.04.2018 - Sisyphos, Berlin
    • 14.04.2018 - Polygon, Berlin
    • 04.04.2018 - Departamento, Mexico City, Mexico
    • 16.03.2018 - Kiki, Tulum, Mexico
    • 01.01.2018 - VOLT, Hamburg
    • 19.01.2018 - Salon zur Wilden Renate, Berlin
    • 03.02.2018 - City Club, Augsburg
    • 31.12.2017 - 2001108, Köln
    • 17.12.2017 - So&So, Leipzig
    • 16.12.2017 - Reinecke Fuchs, Köln
    • 24.11.2017 - Bucht, Berlin
    • 28.10.2017 - Kater Blau, Berlin
    • 15.09.2017 - Kater Blau, Berlin
    • 07.10.2017 - Keller Club, Berlin
    • 02.09.2017 -Laut&Luise OA , Köln
    • 13.08.2017 - Sisyphos, Berlin
      -12.08.2017 - Objekt Klein A, Dresden
    • 25.08.2017 - Moyn Moyn Festival, Backsberg
    • 05.08.2017 - Alpineum, Luzern (CH)
    • 29.07.2017 - Habitat Festival, Hohenlockstedt
    • 14.07.2017 - Katzensprung Festival, Kierspe
    • 30.06.2017 Polyester, Oldenburg
    • 05.06.2017 Karneval der Kulturen, Berlin
    • 09.06.2017 Sommerfest, Gardelegen
    • 10.06.2017 Kalif Storch, Erfurt
    • 06.05.2017 Sisyphos, Berlin
    • 12.05.2017 Prinzenbar, Hamburg
    • 19.05.2017 Kauz, Zürich
    • 24.05.2017 So & So, Leipzig
    • 15.04.2017 Objekt Klein A, Dresden
    • 16.04.2017 Chez Heinz, Hannover
    • 01.04.2017 Kultstätte Keller, Berlin
    • 17.03.2017 Ritter Butzke, Berlin
    • 05.02.2017 Tal der Verwirrung, Berlin
    • 27.01.2017 Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig
    • 20.01.2017 Kater Blau, Berlin
    • 17.12.2016 Kultstätte Keller, Berlin
    • 26.11.2016 Zukunft, Zürich CH
    • 29.10.2016 Kater Blau, Berlin
    • 21.10.2016 ON! Rummelsbucht, Berlin
    • 15.10.2016 Laut und Luise Showcase, Wilde Renate Berlin
    • 13.08.2016 Wilde Möhre Festival, Göritz
    • 30.07.2016 Uckeralm Festival, Seelübbe
    • 16.07.2016 Katzensprung Festival, Rönsahl
    • 15.07.2016 Gazgolder, Moscow RU
    • 09.07.2016 Kultstätte Keller, Berlin
    • 18.06.2016 Jack Who, Köln
    • 10.06.2016 Erdbeermund, Karlsruhe
    • 29.05.2016 Rummelsbucht, Berlin
    • 28.05.2016 White Noise, Stuttgart
    • 27.05.2016 Club Paula, Dresden
    • 07.05.2016 Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig
    • 06.05.2016 Golem, Hamburg
    • 01.04.2016 Kater Blau, Berlin
    • 02.01.2016 Rezonance Festival, Cape Town SA
    • 31.12.2015 Search Festival, Caledon, SA
    • 29.12.2015 The Waiting Room, Cape Town SA
    • 20.11.2015 Neidclub, Fulda
      ... and many more


Phonic Knights

Phonic Knights RVNSWY002 December 2019 When days are getting colder and shorter, at least in the northern parts of Europe, it is time to get cozy in our microcosm, share some hugs with nostalgia our best friend at the moment. The soundtrack for this is being delivered by Constantijn Lange´s second release on RVNSWY. The original version slowly starts with an ambience of the pacific ocean combined with a synthesizer noise, both fading into a repetitive arpeggio tune which constantly morphs and changes its frequency during the whole track. Like a street leading us towards an exotic environment with bright and shiny colours to the left and right as well as in the wideness of the sky. On this expedition with melodic speed of light and deepness at the same time, the Phonic Knights are discovering a vision of the future in our heads maybe turning into reality one day. As a little gift, improvised blue notes and chord progressions have been captured for you on a live recorded version of this carefully handcrafted piece of music. Feel free to pick your favorite tune and enjoy this journey through the unknown spheres. Releasedate Dec 2nd on Spotify, iTunes, Beatport and Bandcamp.

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The Lymbic Corpus

The two tracks of The Lymbic Corpus, the new EP from Constantijn Lange were created to be played not only on the dancefloor - It is music which spreads a colorful and positive vibe into our worlds, music which is a good companion for us while we are travelling in a hectic city, leading towards nature, visiting our beloved ones or taking a deeper journey into the hidden places of our inner selves. Creating a colorful structure with stacking different melodic parts on top of each other always has been a trademark for Constantijn´s productions as we enjoy these elements with the first track `Corpus´ and also discover a whispering voice from time to time interacting with a lovely Juno 60 chord progression. `Lymbic´ continues the musical journey starting with a groovy bassline, a breakbeat loop and great shuffled drums played by David Hofmann. This EP is a bright and shiny invitation for all of us, to stargaze and daydream - Keeping our hearts warm.

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Elysian Fields

Contemplate, reflect, observe and record. Constantijn Lange presents a story of reminiscence and memory, partial witnesses of past and present journeys. Ideas and ideals of what has been and what could have been entangled between complementing poles of drive and meditation. The result is his first full length album and a personal story that unfolds all its details the closer you get..

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The Elephant EP (with Tim Engelhardt)

Tim Engelhardt returns to Vivrant for a sophomore offering, this time alongside close confidant Constantijn Lange. The two-track EP, containing long-time fan favorite ‘Elephant’ and newly minted ‘Synced’, is an impressive body of work that showcases the depth, diversity and trademark characteristics of both producers. ‘Elephant’, a sophisticated peak-time rocket in its own right, starts out with crisp and thumping drum work juxtaposed against a retro-sounding lead melody and spooky FX elements. Laced with Afro-Cuban percussions, the record is equally as much a groovy affair as an exhilarating and cathartic opus that tastefully balances restrained euphoria with a carefully sprinkled melancholic atmosphere. By the 02:30 mark, expect your senses to be fully immersed and yearn for more. The flip-side brings us ‘Synced’, a somewhat deeper, esoteric and more subterraneous offering. Continuing where ‘Elephants’ left off after the peak time slot, it takes things down a notch or two. With its intriguing layering, offbeat FX elements and soothing synth lead, it bridges the gap between the main room and the after hours. With a linear-style build arrangement to it, it creates a civilized and apt level of tension enough to keep things going until the wee hours.

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Power & Love

It is time to discuss fundamentals. For his second appearance on Laut & Luise Constantijn Lange shows his interpretation of human mannerisms that contrast so much while being closely entangled. Able to deliver both pain and satisfaction alike, its apparent simplicty may deliver the purest bliss while the complexity of its impact can at times feel devestating: Power & Love. For the first part of this pair Onosizo stands by to passionately proclaim and address the true nature and dangers of power. In contrast the second part of this EP is a musical dedication to all the light hearted and emphatic moments, a chance to brighten up and an invitation to feel untroubled, if only for a few minutes. Just like a mapleseed rhino would do. Vocals: By Onosizo Ncgala Recorded by Constantijn Lange at Red Bull Studios Berlin A: Power feat. Onosizo (09:04) B1: Mapleseed Rhinos (07:02) B2: Power (Dub Version) (08:30)

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Remix for Einar Stray Orchestra

The never released track ‘Primitive’ from Norwegian Indie band Einar Stray Orchestra finally sees the light of day and comes with another four tracks that were originally released on the band’s album ‘Dear Bigotory’ earlier this year but now get a remix treatment. Berlin based producer Constantijn Lange, known for his works on labels such as Laut&Luise and Traum Schallplatten, follows a hypnotically driven approach of ‘Synthesis’ by using a lead synth that allows the band’s vocals enough space to enfold. In the course of the track the vocals are sustained by both Constantijn’s sense for a subtle groove and his knowledge of including enriching soundscapes to the track that create a harmonizing result of music. Einar Stray Orchestra’s EP ‘Primitive’, including Constantijn Lange’s remix of ‘Synthesis’ will be released November 3rd, 2017 on Sinnbus.

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Remix for Landikhan

"... Berlin based artist Constantijn Lange steps up to remix first. Classically trained and an artist who is always evolving, his remix is zoned out and musical. It’s driven by a warm bassline and has glassy tinkles dangling round the drums, all of which help add to the lush feel of the track."

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Remix for La Boum Fatale

"Das Ergebnis der Zusammenarbeit reicht La Boum Fatale folgerichtig weiter. Der aus Nordeutschland stammende und nun in Berlin lebende Musiker Constantijn Lange sucht darin Sounds auf mikroskopischer Ebene und steuert eine elegant und hypnotisch fließende Version bei." www.sinnbus.de

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Remix for Dovim

This is a remix i did for hungarian producer Dovim on the label TRAUM Schallplatten: "We got to know Berlin artist Constantijn Lange and asked him to remix "Argula" and his mix turned out to be become a thrilling stream of music that slowly is transforming itself. The remix is gaining a great momentum in various situations and speaks to people that are not techno socialized."

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Orange Atlas

Luise presents one of her dearest friends: With LUL005, »Constantijn Lange« shares his impressions of the mystifying nature and culture of Morocco. In »Orange Atlas«, your mind travels through the kingdom, as Constantijn melts together field-recordings with his unique sense for acoustic expression.

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On The Hunts / Morning Dew

This one was my very first solo release. It appeared on the cologne based techno label „200 Records“.

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The Floating Admiral

This one's a conceptual record based on the »Cadavre Exquis« game. All tracks start with the same musical intro written by the duo Dürerstuben. On the Side B2, you will find my interpretation of the floating admiral. It's basically a trip hop production. Limited edition of 200 copies. 100 copies with poster cover, 100 copies without.

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»Visibles« will take you to a journey where house gets cosmic and deep. Organic sounds and live instruments got infused into rhythmic structures that lies in a space between softened club-music and late after-party grooves. So here's your second ticket to Egoplanet:

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Remix for Dürerstuben

I remixed Dürerstuben on their first release on Laut&Luise. The track is called „Sonnenblut am Platz der Perlen“. It turned out to become a summerhit in 2011.

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Remix for Viken Arman

My deep and cosmic interpretation for Viken Arman's track »Rosas« on the french label Platon Records. If you like the Juno-60, you will love this one. Additional Bass Guitar was played by Joorn De Rijk.

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Commercial Work


Constantijn Lange is working as an electronic music producer & composer in his adopted city Berlin in Germany. Besides releases on Laut & Luise since the early days, Constantijn has produced for labels like Sinnbus, Traum Schallplatten, Platon Records, Landhikan, 200, Egoplanet and Really. He spends most of the time in his studio in Berlin, working on his music, remixing other artists and producing soundscapes and music for television and multimedia platforms. If he´s not working on that, he´s playing as a liveact in clubs and on festivals all over the planet. His livesets have been described as very personal and repeatedly amazed people in countries like Germany, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, South Africa, Austria, Belgium and many more. His ambition as an artist is to constantly evolve his productions and create music which carries emotions and energies into the clubs, to festivals and living rooms alike.

For the DSGVO please go to: http://constantijnlange.com/dsgvo

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