• 15.09.2017 Kater Blau, Berlin
    • 07.10.2017 Keller Club, Berlin
      more to come soon ....
    • 02.09.2017 Laut&Luise OA , Köln
    • 13.08.2017 Sisyphos, Berlin
      -12.08.2017 Objekt Klein A, Dresden
    • 25.08.2017 Moyn Moyn Festival, Backsberg
    • 05.08.2017 Alpineum, Luzern (CH)
    • 29.07.2017 Habitat Festival, Hohenlockstedt
    • 14.07.2017 Katzensprung Festival, Kierspe
    • 30.06.2017 Polyester, Oldenburg
    • 05.06.2017 Karneval der Kulturen, Berlin
    • 09.06.2017 Sommerfest, Gardelegen
    • 10.06.2017 Kalif Storch, Erfurt
    • 06.05.2017 Sisyphos, Berlin
    • 12.05.2017 Prinzenbar, Hamburg
    • 19.05.2017 Kauz, Zürich
    • 24.05.2017 So & So, Leipzig
    • 15.04.2017 Objekt Klein A, Dresden
    • 16.04.2017 Chez Heinz, Hannover
    • 01.04.2017 Kultstätte Keller, Berlin
    • 17.03.2017 Ritter Butzke, Berlin
    • 05.02.2017 Tal der Verwirrung, Berlin
    • 27.01.2017 Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig
    • 20.01.2017 Kater Blau, Berlin
    • 17.12.2016 Kultstätte Keller, Berlin
    • 26.11.2016 Zukunft, Zürich CH
    • 29.10.2016 Kater Blau, Berlin
    • 21.10.2016 ON! Rummelsbucht, Berlin
    • 15.10.2016 Laut und Luise Showcase, Wilde Renate Berlin
    • 13.08.2016 Wilde Möhre Festival, Göritz
    • 30.07.2016 Uckeralm Festival, Seelübbe
    • 16.07.2016 Katzensprung Festival, Rönsahl
    • 15.07.2016 Gazgolder, Moscow RU
    • 09.07.2016 Kultstätte Keller, Berlin
    • 18.06.2016 Jack Who, Köln
    • 10.06.2016 Erdbeermund, Karlsruhe
    • 29.05.2016 Rummelsbucht, Berlin
    • 28.05.2016 White Noise, Stuttgart
    • 27.05.2016 Club Paula, Dresden
    • 07.05.2016 Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig
    • 06.05.2016 Golem, Hamburg
    • 01.04.2016 Kater Blau, Berlin
    • 02.01.2016 Rezonance Festival, Cape Town SA
    • 31.12.2015 Search Festival, Caledon, SA
    • 29.12.2015 The Waiting Room, Cape Town SA
    • 20.11.2015 Neidclub, Fulda
      ... and many more


Remix for Landikhan

"... Berlin based artist Constantijn Lange steps up to remix first. Classically trained and an artist who is always evolving, his remix is zoned out and musical. It’s driven by a warm bassline and has glassy tinkles dangling round the drums, all of which help add to the lush feel of the track."

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Remix for La Boum Fatale

"Das Ergebnis der Zusammenarbeit reicht La Boum Fatale folgerichtig weiter. Der aus Nordeutschland stammende und nun in Berlin lebende Musiker Constantijn Lange sucht darin Sounds auf mikroskopischer Ebene und steuert eine elegant und hypnotisch fließende Version bei." www.sinnbus.de

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Dovim – Argula Remix

This is a remix i did for hungarian producer Dovim on the label TRAUM Schallplatten: "We got to know Berlin artist Constantijn Lange and asked him to remix "Argula" and his mix turned out to be become a thrilling stream of music that slowly is transforming itself. The remix is gaining a great momentum in various situations and speaks to people that are not techno socialized."

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Orange Atlas

Luise presents one of her dearest friends: With LUL005, »Constantijn Lange« shares his impressions of the mystifying nature and culture of Morocco. In »Orange Atlas«, your mind travels through the kingdom, as Constantijn melts together field-recordings with his unique sense for acoustic expression.

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On The Hunts / Morning Dew

This one was my very first solo release. It appeared on the cologne based techno label „200 Records“.

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The Floating Admiral

This one's a conceptual record based on the »Cadavre Exquis« game. All tracks start with the same musical intro written by the duo Dürerstuben. On the Side B2, you will find my interpretation of the floating admiral. It's basically a trip hop production. Limited edition of 200 copies. 100 copies with poster cover, 100 copies without.

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»Visibles« will take you to a journey where house gets cosmic and deep. Organic sounds and live instruments got infused into rhythmic structures that lies in a space between softened club-music and late after-party grooves. So here's your second ticket to Egoplanet:

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Remix for Dürerstuben

I remixed Dürerstuben on their first release on Laut&Luise. The track is called „Sonnenblut am Platz der Perlen“. It turned out to become a summerhit in 2011.

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Remix for Viken Arman

My deep and cosmic interpretation for Viken Arman's track »Rosas« on the french label Platon Records. If you like the Juno-60, you will love this one. Additional Bass Guitar was played by Joorn De Rijk.

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Commercial Work


Constantijn Lange is a passionate Music Composer, Audio Engineer and Live Performer. Based in Berlin, he is constantly working on new productions and remixes as well as music for commercials.

"Young producer and musician emerging from the field of sound design and engineering, Constantijn Lange has been getting a lot of international attention lately based on his unique output and smooth live acts. Born in Ostfriesland, a quiet small town near the North Sea, music has been his intimate companion ever since his first classical piano lessons at the age of 6. With the discovery of digital technology, he has embarked on composing his own pieces. He refers to Hamburg where he later moved to as a key and very special episode in his career. There he found himself on the bustling music scene and soon in the industry meeting and learning from producers all around, discovering, experimenting and adopting the techniques that are unusual and thus so much more interesting. It’s since that moment electronic music has become his primary passion in life and the way to tell his life stories.
He relocates to Berlin and sets up his studio serving as a base for his performances in the clubs just around the corner and worldwide. Giving full attention to each microsound he records and their each sequence, he aims at creating the sphere of intimacy with his listeners. Lange’s ambition is to constantly evolve in this direction, step by step, producing music which most closely conveys his emotions and transmits his energies – to inspire and charge with them his audience.
Aside from the club scene, he also composes for television, documentaries and short movies."

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